Monday, January 28, 2008

A Scary Weekend

Our weekend was eventful to say the least. We were able to enjoy a Saturday evening with our friends Christin and Matt at Tommy Bahamas. Once we came home, Sophie got a little confused on her due date. We ended up spending the rest of Saturday night in Labor and Delivery. I was having some contractions, but the doctor was able to stop them and sent me home. I have to spend 2 days on bed rest which leaves Joey with doing all of the errands. I have been able to relax, but he is exhausted! I went to the doctor the morning for a check up and the baby looks great. She has a very strong heartbeat and there are no other signs of early labor! Keep us in your prayers as we endure the last stretch of pregnancy. Will May ever get here???

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MiMi said...

She's already competing with her cousin Chloe...wants to get here first. Remember how Courney didn't want you to do anything before she did?