Sunday, February 24, 2008

Norway Trip

I am trying to capture some interesting things about my trip so here is a start:

10. Hotel doors have to be locked from the outside with your card key when you leave. (in the U.S., they lock themselves)
9. Europeans love chocolate and cheese both of which in mass quantities reek havoc on my digestive system (Lauren knows what I am talking and you could only imagine) Also, not something that should be served on a long plane ride.
8. Europeans wear pointy shoes
7. Skinny jeans are in! Even for guys!
6. Fresh cheese, fish, and bread EVERYWHERE
5. The lunchroom is called a CANTEEN
4. Free lunch at work (gourmet at that)
3. Norwegiens recycle everything and the bin has shaped slots so you can only put paper in the paper slot, etc.
2. A massager was built into my airplane seat "recliner" which laid fully flat so I slept all 9 hours on the plane.
1. Auto-Coffee Makers (Liquid coffee goodness in a one-touch machine... Everything you can order at Starbucks but in a machine)

I will have to fill these in as the week progresses. I already miss Lauren and Sophie!

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Mimi said...

Love the daily updates! Sounds like a wonderful experience.