Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colletti Update

Needless to say life has been busy in the Colletti household. We have made great strides in the house and finished the nursery (finally!)

On March 5th, we were excited to hear that Leslie had her baby girl! We now have an adorable little niece named Chloe. She is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her in person. This makes me want Sophie to get here soon.

Joey's mom came to visit for a week and was so much help. She washed all of Sophie's clothes and helped organize her room. It was really great to have her here for a week since we do not get to see her too much. We can't wait until she comes back when the baby gets here.

We went to Louisiana for Easter and had a blast. Joey's grandfather had a crawfish boil at his house and it was delicious. I should have know better, but boiled crawfish equals very swollen Pillsbury dough boy feet for pregnant people! It was quite a site...

Now we are on the final countdown for Sophie. It seems likes the last weeks are the hardest. I am experiencing all types of new aches and pains! Hopefully, she will come early...but not too early. Joey thinks she will be born on May 5th, and I say she is stubborn and will come on May 20th. I guess we will see who is closer soon enough.

Well that sums up March in a nut shell. We will get some pictures of the nursery up soon!

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