Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Perth, Australia

I'm currently in Perth located in Western Australia. Unfortunately, I haven't taken any good pictures to show you guys due to a bad combination of long work hours and short days due it being "winter" here. Contrary to what the locals think, its not very cold here and I don't need a jacket. Maybe its because I am sooo hot!

Nevertheless, I will be home on Saturday and will post some pics then. Until then, I will find time to sight see and eat whatever strange food I can find. I believe I'm at par with my Norway meals so far. I can at least add Rabbit to the list now and lamb stew which is pretty common. I saw rabbit boudin at one restaurant and may give a try tonight. I plan on heading to Fremantle tomorrow to test some Kangaroo meat!!! All in all, Perth is an awesome place and is located on the swan river and indian ocean.


I recall making a "Top 10" list during my trip to Norway so I will attempt to make one for Perth. Keep in mind this list captures the top interesting things which could be good or bad... I might not make it to ten though.

5. Food and service stinks
4. Australians don't like Obama
3. Australians love "America" and know more about it than you do
2. You have to pay to use the LOO (toilet)
1. KANGROO tastes like BEEF

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