Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer


We have been enjoying the summer here in Houston though it is VERY HOT!! We have been trying to work on the house, and just spend time as a family. Sophia is getting so big! She still loves to roll over and now is noticing more of her surroundings. When she is on her activity mat, she really does "talk" and play with the animals hanging down. It is so fun to watch her change everyday. We are preparing for the 4th of July this week and have a very busy weekend planned. We will take a lot of pictures to share.
She looks so cute in this outfit with the headband.

She is starting to lose her hair :(

Holding her head up so well!!

She decided that she wanted to help mommy and daddy put new light fixtures up. She does not seem to be much help :) (to be honest...neither was mommy...) She took more of a supervisor's roll in this matter.

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Leslie said...

She is getting so big! She has lost a lot of hair, huh? She has changed so much:( Aunt Leslie, Uncle Rob and Chloe miss her so much...we miss you guys too;)