Monday, December 15, 2008

Long time no post!

It has been a long time since I have updated the website. We have been so busy and Sophia has changed so much. Since I lasted posted Sophia has accomplished the following: crawling, pulling up, sleeping through the night (FINALLY!!),climbing the stairs, first words ma ma (this was first!) and da da. She was baptized and she celebrated her first Thanksgiving in Ohio. We have realized that we no longer have a little baby, but a little girl bubbling with tons of personality. Everyday is new with Sophia and it makes me sad that she is growing up so fast. I just don't want to forget anything. We will be leaving on Sunday for Christmas in Atlanta. We are excited to see all of our family. Sophia has been such a good girl that I am sure Santa will stop by! Merry Christmas!

Busted! Climbing the stairs!

Loves to "pull up" on presents

Sophia's reception before her Christening

Her first Beignet...YUMMY!!

Going to get a Christmas Tree with her cousin Zoe

On a horse drawn carriage to get a tree (brrrrr)

Ohio...the land of funny hats !

Sophia with her Mimi, Papa and cousin Chloe

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