Monday, March 23, 2009

March in a Nut Shell

March was full of a lot of activities. Sophia has been traveling and been on the birthday party circuit! At the beginning of the month we flew to Atlanta for Sophia's cousin Chloe's first birthday. She thought this was so much fun! She loved all of Chloe's Toys except for the ball pit. She screamed every time we put her in it. The ball pit was Chloe's favorite gift! These two girls are completely opposite. Chloe also taught Sophia about Little Einsteins. This is now Sophia's favorite show and we go on A LOT of missions. Sophia loved being with her Mimi and Papa. She even said "Papa!"

The next week, Joey's mom came to visit and we all went to Louisiana for Mia's first birthday. This was Sophia's first long car ride and she did great! We visited so many of Joey's relatives and had so much fun at Mia's party and crawfish boil. Sophia loved helping Mia open all of her presents. She is going to be so ready for her first birthday (that will be here so soon!) Sophia had a blast with Joey's mom, she even said "Nona!"

Since I last posted, she has grown up so much. She now has 3 teeth! She also has learned some new words. She calls Annabelle "B" and always wants to know where "B" is. She also talks a lot about "kiki" which we later discovered was cookies!(I wonder who she got her love of cookies from...Joey?!?!?)
Since it is so warm and beautiful in Texas, spring is in full bloom. We took Sophia to have her picture taken in the Blue Bonnets (TX state flower that has a short bloom time) They turned out great! She also was able to start swimming in her baby pool. We can't wait until the real pool opens for the summer.

Joey and I have been keeping busy with work and Sophia. We love watching her grow and are truly blessed to have such an angel. Enjoy the pictures of the traveling girl!

The Bathing Beauty

So Beautiful in the Blue Bonnets

This is her first time meeting her great grandfather! She looks like him!


Happy Birthday Mia! Your cake was delicious!

Sophia is wondering what Chloe has in her hair?!?!

Let's go check out the dog!

The famous ball pit...notice Sophia will only watch Chloe play in it.

Sophia thought she was the birthday princess!

Happy Birthday Chloe! You look adorable!

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Jenna said...

Sweet Angel! I love the blue bonnet pictures! She is just so full of life! I am glad to hear you all are well. Love you and miss you!