Sunday, June 7, 2009

She can walk!!

Sophia started walking on May day before her dad turned 28! She still needs to build her confidence up, but she is getting there. She walks a lot better when she has on shoes. I have posted a video, but she can do much better than I was able to tape. I tried to film her when Joey was out. She is getting so big. Her favorite thing to say is "bad girl!" We are trying to turn that into "Big girl" but it is not working very well. I guess you really have to watch what you say around her. She is a parrot and repeats everything! We have had a great start to the summer. She loves going to the pool. We are looking forward to a relaxing summer!


Kellie Broussard said...

Yeah Sophia! She is just so adorable! Now the fun really begins as you run around chasing after her! Also, I was so impressed that she was in a swim top and diapers, don't think I have ever seen a pic of her not all "decked" out. lol

Anonymous said...

She is the most adorable little girl! When I look at the video I really miss her...and you ofcourse.