Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why does time move so fast?

I wish sometimes I could bottle the energy of a child! I would be a millionaire! I am amazed at how children can go and go,and never seem to tire. As an adult, I feel that there are never enough hours in a day and I always seem to be exhausted! I look in the mirror and wonder "When did I get older?" Life moves so fast that I guess I just can't keep up. It seems like only yesterday, I had Sophia and now she is huge!! She is growing and changing so much everyday. There is always something new she says or does. It is truly amazing to see this happen right before my very eyes! I guess if I am getting older (still wishing I would stay young forever) then I will just have to enjoy reliving my childhood through the eyes of my beautiful Sophia.

We are having so much fun being parents. Joey and Sophia have formed such a close bond. I love to see the two of them interact with each other. Sophia just lights up whenever she sees him. It is a little sad because I used to be her favorite person on earth, now I will just have to share my title. Joey has really done great with raising a little girl. They really have a great time together.
This is our little tadpole getting launched in the air at the pool!
**The girl has NO fear of the water**

Sophia had a great visit with Mimi and Papa
When asked who's girl she is...she always answers "Papa's gurl" (she has a strange accent)
Being silly at an Astro's Game...she is wearing the helmet that an ice cream sundae came in
(that was also the only thing she ate for dinner that I hear mother of the year or what?!?!)

Mommy and Sweet Sophia

I have been trying to learn some features of Photoshop...what do you think of my editing?

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I am learning Photoshop too- it looks great! you'll have to tell me how to do it!