Sunday, October 4, 2009

She never ceases to amaze me!

Sophia keeps me on my toes! She is growing so fast and learns more and more everyday. Sophia will be 17 months old tomorrow. She is very funny and has a HUGE vocabulary. I never know what she is going to say. Right now we are tickled because she says "Thank you your welcome" like it is one phrase. This morning she asked for "apple bubber" (apple butter) for her biscuit! She is hilarious.

Sophia is getting so big, but last night she decided she no longer wanted to be a big girl, but wanted to be an infant again. Christin and Matt came over with their 3 month old daughter
Mackenzie. To make it easier for Christin and Matt I brought down some of things when she was an infant while Mackenzie was at the house. Sophia was so excited to see her old things that she decided that they were for her!! Poor Mackenzie is always going to be bullied by Sophia.

Sophia in her bouncy chair...
She had a fit about the pack and play. She threw a fit screaming "Night Night" when I took her up to her room for bed. She wanted to sleep in the pack and play!
**Sophia and her friend "Book" (Brooke)***

I guess you are never to big to lay on a Boppy Pillow...
After she decided to be a big girl again, I found her in my closet...

Also, since she has become a big girl, she is now down to one nap a day.
Maybe I should rethink that since she fell asleep eating lunch!

Sophia Elizabeth you never cease to amaze me! My life would be so boring without her. I just love her so much!


MiMi said...

I love the pictures and the story! She is a mess!

The Allphin Family said...

I love it!!

Kellie Broussard said...

too cute, she is adorable