Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time to catch up!

I guess it is finally time to catch up on the blog! We had an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful families to spend holidays with! I cannot believe is is already late January 2010!

It has been so busy for us already this year. My parents came and spent New Year's with us and we really enjoyed the time with them. We took Sophia to see her first movie-Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeekqal--don't know how to spell that one... She LOVED the movie.

Joey left for Australia for 2 weeks and Sophia and I went to visit family in Nashville. We had a blast, but we are missing Joey a lot and we cannot wait for him to get home!

Sophia has changed so much. She loves to watch Dora, walk in my high heels, eat "fishy crackers", and play in her play room.

She has the funniest personality and has become so independent. She thinks she is 4 years old! I have to reminder her all the time that she is still my baby. She than will tell me "No, I Sophia!!"

She can count to 12, sing her ABC's, spell her name (with help), and she loves to sing. She sings anything from nursery rhymes to Lady Gaga! She is so much fun and is growing up way to fast!

Enjoy the holiday pictures...better late than never...

Christmas morning with all of her "loot"

The lighting is terrible, but the picture is great!
Sophia, Aiden and Zoe

Daddy and Sophia getting a Christmas was so cold.
Sophia HATED this!

Silly Sophia at Mimi and Papa's House for Thanksgiving

Sophia, Mimi, Chloe and Papa
Thanksgiving Day

Playing in the kitchen...she is so beautiful

We are excited for 2010 and looking for a very uneventful year. We just want to spend this year relaxing and watching our sweet Sophia learn and grow.

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Kellie Broussard said...

As I am sure you can see by now they grow up so fast. You and Joey do a great job just enjoying the little things with her. All of those little things turn into Big memories! Hugs!