Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has sprung

The weather has been gorgeous here in Texas and we have enjoyed every minute of it! We have had so much fun with Sophia. She loves to play outside! I can't believe we are approaching her 2nd birthday! Time just flies. She has tripled her vocabulary and speaks in full sentence. She has learned to count to 20 in English, count to 10 in Spanish, and has also learned how to say dog, cat, cow and bear in Spanish. She is so cute. The other day when Joey handed her something she said "thank you, your welcome, Gracias!" She is such a little ham. She loves to dance and sing. She still is really into Dora the Explorer which will be the theme of her 2nd birthday. She is such a doll! We are beginning the potty training thing...wish us luck...she has gone once!!!

We are headed to Disney in just 9 days! We are so excited and she is going to go crazy! We are looking forward to Easter...more pictures to come!!

She is so adorable
Loving on Annabelle...this is a rare scene
Mimi and Papa came to visit

She is so silly!!

Happy Easter!!!

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