Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sophia is 2!!

On May 5th our sweet little angel turned 2! I cannot believe how much she has grown. She has the largest vocabulary and she is so smart! She might be one of the sweetest, funniest, and most personable toddlers I have ever seen. I know she is mine, but I am telling the truth!!

Sophia has brought so much laughter, happiness and pure love into our lives. This has truly been the fastest 2 years. Time seems to be moving so fast. I never knew I could love her so much.

She is really into Disney Princesses right now and calls herself Cinderella. She is so imaginative. She still loves Dora the Explorer. We like to joke with her and call her Swiper (the bad guy in Dora.) She gets so is so funny! She loves dress up and all things girly.

Sophia FINALLY is catching up on her teeth and decided that she no longer is a vegetarian. She loves "Beautiful steak"

This summer has been busy already. We just got back from a trip to Charleston (I will post about that next...) and have a summer full of lots of activities. We still love living in Houston, now we are just dreaming of putting in a pool...I need to keep working on Joey. Hopefully, I will win soon!!

Sophia on her first birthday (what happened to that baby?!?!?)

Sophia on her 2nd Birthday...what a big girl!

Good morning sweet is your birthday!!

Really...can you get ANY CUTER???

After her birthday, she has become OBSESSED with birthdays, cake, candles, and presents. Everyday it is her birthday and she likes to get "Birthday wishes"....what am I going to do with her? I guess we will just celebrate everyday that we were blessed with her!!

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