Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Time!

This summer has been so hot and humid...will cooler weather ever get here? We have been keeping cool by playing at the pool, going to the movies and any other indoor activities that we can think of. Sophia has been full of energy and is no longer a baby but a true toddler. If you call her a baby, she will quickly let you know that she is not a baby but a big girl. She is really getting the hang of the potty training and hopefully she can master it soon.

Things she is interested in at age 2:

The Little Einsteins (they have made a come back)
Dora and Diego (starting to lose interest with these guys...thank goodness)
Team Umi Zoomi
The Disney Princesses (she is obsessed)
Band Aids
Singing Songs...all the time
Puzzles and books


In this picture, she said she was Barbie and needed Barbie Hair...
(nice figure!!)

Here is "Barbie" posing for the camera

She loves to have her picture taken
Last weekend we took her to the circus. She loved all of the animals but was a little scared of the fireworks. The show was great (a little too long) but we had a GREAT time. It is really fun going to activities that I have not been to since I was a kid! She has such an easy going personality that we can take her anywhere.
Daddy and Sophia at the Circus!

Such a fun time!

Sophia is a very smart little girl, so we love to ask her a lot of questions we never know what she is going to say. Here is a little dialogue from the other night...
Joey: "What are your eyes for?"
Sophia: "To see!"
Joey: "Very good! Now what are your ears for?"
Sophia: "To hear!!"
Joey: "You are so what is your nose for?"
Sophia: "To pick!"
She is just too smart for her own good! She certainly keeps us laughing! I am going to try better to keep up with this blog so that we don't miss a beat in keeping memories of Sophia.


Anonymous said...

Great update and love the pictures. She really keeps you and Joey on your toes. Go Sophia!

Mimi said...

The previous comment was from MiMi