Monday, October 25, 2010

I said it's GREAT to be an AUBURN TIGER!!

Before I talk about how Great it is to be an AUBURN TIGER!!!! I need to recap on Ballet.
Ballet is a weekly fixture in our lives...Sophia absolutely loves to go. She walked right into the class her first day and has been loving it ever since. Next month we get to video and little routine, so I will be sure to post it!
How cute is she??

Now onto the important Auburn Tigers. As of today, Auburn is ranked #1 in the BCS poll. We are really excited, and hope that they continue to do well. Joey and I love to watch Auburn football and never knew that we were raising the BIGGEST Auburn fan. She loves to wear her "Auburn Cheerleader" (dress) and yell at the television. I had to work on Saturday, but while watching the Auburn/LSU game, Sophia was engaged in the entire game. She asked Joey why the yellow people kept falling down. She also would growl when LSU had the ball. I will try to video this behavior next week as we will cheer on our tigers at Ole Miss.
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Aunt Leslie said...

She is my precious little niece and ADORABLE! I wish she could be spoiled by me each and every day. You know I would let her get away with anything. I'm COOL! haha

Kate said...

Love the updates! Miss having yall here close to us. We'll have to get the girls together the next time yall are over this way!