Monday, October 25, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

As we approach our 5th wedding anniversary, Joey and I decided it was finally time to take a trip. Since we are so close to Mexico, we decided to head to Puerto Vallarta. We had an amazing time and wish we were still there. We relaxed at the pool, and took in the Mexican culture. It was an awesome vacation. I wish we could take one every year. We loved having time alone, but both agreed that we need to bring Sophia next time. She would have loved it!

I wish I was there now...what a view!!

This was the best night of our trip. We went into town for dinner. As we were there we watched a huge storm come in. We were trapped in one covered corner of the restaurant. We were there for hours! We had the most amazing food and margaritas. We hung out with the wait staff and had shots of tequila! (we were their only was the off season)
View from our Hotel Room!

Joey and I decided that we were going to swim with dolphins. Neither of us had ever done this and it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. We are going to do it again in the future to include Sophia. They were so friendly, almost like HUGE dogs!!
Joey was kissed by a dolphin!

I was kissed by a walrus!

Life since then has been busy. I started a new position at the company as membership sales manager. Anyone looking to join a private golf club? I am looking forward to a new challenge as well has more time home with my family.
Joey is doing great at ExxonMobil. It is hard to believe he has almost been there for 3 years! Time sure does fly!

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