Saturday, February 12, 2011

So much going on!!

I just do not know where to begin. Since October, things have been so busy. We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving in Houston. It was really nice to stay at home this year. We were really busy through the holiday season and enjoyed every second of it. We spent a lot of time decorating the house, baking, watching movies and spending time as a family. My parents came on Christmas night to celebrate the with us. We had such a great time! Joey's family came the Tuesday after Christmas and Sophia had so much fun playing with her cousins. Christmas was the BEST this year. Sophia loved everything about. From decorations, to Christmas songs, Santa Clause to Baby Jesus, it was truly an amazing year. We planned to visit the family in Louisiana for New Years, but unfortunately the stomach flu hit our house and kept us home for the weekend. We did not even make it until midnight...we are getting old!!

Sophia and Joey turned a box into a castle...why do we even buy toys anymore. They have had so much fun in this "castle." She has a very big imagination and has had a lot of fun play and decorating her castle.
Silly Sophia is what we should have named this girl. She comes up with the funniest stories and is always smiling and laughing. She is such a joy. She is night time potty trained and sleeps in a "big girl bed." She gave up Packie Flower at the beginning of December. I was so worried this would be so hard, but it was really easy. Santa Clause likes big girls and big girls don't take packie flowers. That is all it took! It is so nice not to have that thing around. She is such a big girl...what happened to my sweet baby?!?!
Sophia really LOVED the big guy this year. She was in awe of him and talked about Santa the whole month of December. She was not scared one bit.

In January, we finally made that trip to Louisiana. She (we) and such a wonderful time. Sophia loves to be around family, and she has so many cousins her age. They all played so well together.

We took her to eat crawfish...she was not a fan.

Things continue to change for The Colletti Family. We are welcoming another little GIRL to our family in July. We are so excited to have another sweet angel to love. Sophia has name her Frosty. Since we have not picked out any names yet, Frosty is looking better and better. Joey is now completely out numbered by girls, but as much as he hates to admit it, he would not want it any other way. I will do a much better job about keeping up with the blog. So much will be changing in the next few months as we prepare to be a family of 4!


Kate said...

CONGRATULATIONS on number 2!!! I am sure Joey doesn't mind being the Man of the House! Best Wishes and hope you've had a good pregnancy!

Stephanie Day said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby Frosty! :)

Jennifer said...

Sissy! I just love reading about your family! It's hard to imagine how much has changed. I am so happy for you and Joey! Sophia is a doll and looks like she must have your sense of humor!! :) I'm excited about Baby Girl #2! Lots of Love!