Wednesday, September 21, 2011

...and then there were 4!

Isabella Ann Colletti
7 pounds 6 oz
20 inches
Born July 20, 2011 at 8:54am
I am so behind on updating this blog. Things have been different to say the least, but I did not want to miss out on introducing our darling little Isabella!
Her birth was very easy since she was a c-section or a "Drive thru baby" as we like to refer to it. We have easily transitioned into a family of 4 and Sophia is an amazing big sister. Isabella is crazy about Sophia as well.
We are beyond thrilled to have our newest addition to the family. She is beautiful, sweet and so smart already. She flashes us the biggest smiles and rolled over at just 12 days old!! She beat her sisters record of 3 weeks...let the competition begin. We are head over heels in love with this little girl. She has the sweetest disposition and rarely ever cries. She is a great sleeper and has slept through the night (yes it was one time, but I have to count it!) She usually only wakes up once, so no complaining here.
Our first picture as a family of 4!
Best Friends
Her first and last headband. Since she has SO much hair, they just look silly on her. She is more of a bow girl!
I am so proud of Sophia. She has adjusted to having a little sister quite well. She does not even remember life before Isabella. As the weeks go by, it is also hard for me to remember what we did before the baby.
Today we went for Isabella's 2 month doctors appointment. She did great. She cried when she got the shots and it broke my heart because I have never seen her cry to hard before...she just never gets upset. She is getting so big. She is 11 pounds and 6 oz (66 percentile) and is 23 1/2 inches long (88th percentile), and her head is in the 32nd percentile. She definitely gets her height from the Dismukes family. :)
Beautiful smile for a beautiful girl
Look at all that crazy hair!!!!!

Sophia started her school at Northwoods Catholic school and loves it! She is in PreK3 and goes 3 days a week. She wants to go all week, so we are thinking changing her since she loves it so much. I am going to be the room mom this year for her class, so wish me luck! I still dont know what I have gotten myself into with this one! I will post pictures of her in her uniform soon. It is so adorable.
Joey and I are doing great. Enjoying the family and loving life. I really will be better at updating this thing.

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