Friday, April 20, 2012

Colletti Update

**Brace yourselves...this is a huge post. A lot to update**

Sophia Update:

My oh my, this little thing is growing so fast. I cannot believe she is about to be four years old! Where did the time go? Sophia is such a sweet little girl and so smart! She has really excelled at school. We are so proud of her. Her teacher told us she is doing some things on a 1st grade level!! Sophia is the best big sister. She really helps with Isabella and is sure to let us know when her sister is doing something "bad." She is still enjoying ballet and just finished her first season of soccer. She never gave up when it came to soccer, but with her super sweet demeanor, soccer is just not for her.

At 3 "almost 4" years old she is really into:

  • Barbies...the movies, the books, the dolls...everything Barbie
  • Swimming! We just put in a pool and our little fish loves to be in it every second that we let her
  • Art-She loves to color and draw.
  • Pretend Play- she has a HUGE imagination. She likes to be different characters and really can stay in acting in her future?!?!
  • Reading-she loves books. All types of books. We have challenged her to pay attention while we read Charlotte's Web. Since there are very few pictures, she has to imagine what is happening. I must admit, she is doing great.
  • Movies. She loves movies and shows. On Friday night, we have "movie night" She gets to watch a movie and I make a special dessert. This happens after we put Isabella to bed, so she feels special that she gets to stay up late.

Sisters are the best...just ask these two!

Isabella Update:
There is so much to update about this little girl. She is so sweet, so funny and so BUSY!! She is such a special addition to our family. We thought she was going to be a calm, shy little girl, but she has proven to be feisty and full of personality. She LOVES her big sister. When she comes down in the morning, Sophia is the first person she looks for. She is a really good baby. She never cries and we can take her anywhere. She is very advanced in her motor skills and she really starting to talk!
Today she is 9 months is a recap of the first 9 months:
Isabella is growing!
2 months old- 11 pounds 6 oz (66%) 23.5 inches (88%)
4 months old- 14 pounds 2 oz (56%) 25.5 inches (86%)
6 months old- 15 pounds 12 oz(47%) 26.75 inches (85%)
Rolled over from front to back- 12 days old
Rolled over from back to front- 2 months old
Solid food- 4 months old
Sitting up- 5 months old
Scooting- 5 months old
Crawling- 6 months old
Pulling up- 6 months old
Cruising-7 months old
First tooth- 7 months old
Standing on her own- 8 months old
What she is into at 9 month old:
  • Getting into everything...literally everything.
  • Playing with all of her toys
  • Magazines and paper...she loves to shred them
  • She eats 3 meals a day. She really likes baby food, but is doing well with finger food. She really likes the Gerber Cheese puffs and Melts.
  • She takes 2 great naps a day and goes to bed around 8:30am and sleeps well!
  • She can say: Dada (This was first), mama, uh oh, hi, and bye
  • If you ask her what a cow says she will say "boo", a duck says "Kak" and a piggie snorts...such a smarty pants.
  • She loves to dance and waive

Easter 2012...this is the best we could do...

I know I say I am going to keep up with this blog, but I really am. I love to go back and see how much we have changed, and sadly this year is flying by with little information.
Joey and I are doing well. He is very busy with work, but we hope for that to slow down soon. We are enjoying the pool and looking forward to spending our time in it this summer. We are planning a Polka Dot pool party for Sophia and we are baptizing Isabella in the same weekend...are we crazy...probably!! Stay tuned for more pictures of my beautiful girls. Life is good!

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