Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sweet Summertime

It is finally here...summer!! School has ended. and Sophia is officially a PreK4 student. Isabella has a first birthday around the corner, and I am wondering where has the time gone?  So far this summer our time has been spent relaxing by the pool and enjoying the kids.  They both keep me exhausted from chasing them all over creation so busy.  I have Sophia signed up for VBS at the end of the month, and hopefully will get her enrolled in a gymnastics camp (she calls it germastics.)  The girls are getting bigger everyday, and never cease to amaze me with their humor.  Here is what these girly girls are up to these days:


  • Loves to SWIM...I believe she is part mermaid.  She can swim so well.  We are in awe of how good she is!
  • Barbies, Barbies, all the time.  The girl loves barbies
  • She is currently reading Stuart Little (Short Little) She is really enjoying the book.  I think when we are finished, I will rent the movie and have a special movie night for her.
  • Art and coloring.  Always wants to work on a project
  • Loves to wear dresses, skirts and to be "fancy." Hair fixed, nails polished, and sparkles in her hair... she is 100% girly!!
  • Drama- EVERYTHING is dramatic with this girl.  I guess that is what comes with the territory when having a girl.
  • She is super funny.  Always making jokes.  She keeps me laughing all day
  • British words: I am not sure where she has learned them, but fiddlesticks, blasted and bloody are now part of her vocabulary.
I am working really hard with her to remember what she learned at school last year.  She is so smart.  She can write all of her letters,  can to count to 100 and is starting to read small words.  The child is a sponge who just soaks up knowledge.  Proud does not begin to describe my feelings for this one.


  • Wild...seriously
  • Talking all the time.  She can say the follow: Dada (Da!!), Mama, Gogo (SoSo...for Sophia), Hey, No, Cow, Moo, Quack, Book, Ball, Dog dog, uh oh, babule (which is for bottles and all food), more, nose, dis (this), awe
  • She loves the pool and playing outside
  • She likes to roll a ball back and forth with us and is really good at it too!
  • Starting to walk.  She stands alone with ease and is starting to take steps on her own
  • She loves all food.  She eats all the time.
  • Singing songs and clapping her hands
  • Books...this is the only time she sits still, so we ready a lot!
Isabella is such a fun addition to our family.  She is so happy all the time.  We laugh at all of her funny faces and her crinkled up nose.  She is a daddy's girl.  She runs crawls super fast to the door when she  hears the garage open , and then proceeds to yell at him for the rest of the night.  I am really looking forward to see what her personality is going to be like as she gets older.  Class clown may be in her future. 

Clothes are so overrated!

Joey and I have been busy with small (and large) projects at the house.  We are finally DONE, for a while.  We Joey spent last weekend building a play set for the kids.  They both just love it.  The plan to spend the rest of the summer relaxing and enjoying the kids and pool. 

Job well done!!

My best friend...partner in of my life
(photography by Sophia)

Stay cool this summer!!!

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